I’m Fredrik Pekkarinen, a junior front-end developer based in Malmö, Sweden.

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TalkPhoto was my submission for the final exam at Medieinstitutet. The purpose of the exam was to apply and challenge all the knowledge we've learned during the past two years. We were allotted a period of 7 days to complete this project.

TalkPhoto is a website where a user can post their images and get feedback from other users.

The website was built with React and Firebase.

Shoot N Share

Shoot N' Share was a school assignment, it functions as a space that allows a professional photographer to share photos with a client. The client is then given the opportunity to like or dislike photos, the liked photos are then saved to an album so that the photographer can easily know which photos to edit.

Shoot N Share

Kill the virus was my response to a school assignment aimed to teach us Node.js, Express and Socket.io

It's a simple two player game where each player must test their reaction skills and timing at an attempt to rid the world from a deadly virus.

About me

As a recent graduate from Medieinstitutet in Malmö, Sweden I am continually working on and updating the material presented here. It is my goal to build upon knowledge gained and further my personal development at the start of my career.

It's my passion to build beautiful web projects that stand out from typical user experiences.

My toolbox mainly consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with an extra love for React.

When I'm not sitting in front of a computer I like being outdoors, exploring with my camera. You will also find me at concerts and events after this pandemic ends!

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